Book Signing February 1, 2018

This book thing is really going to happen. Impromptu Friday Nights – A Guide To Supper Clubs is being published by Morgan James Publishing on January 30, 2018. There will be a book signing:

Where: Novel Bookstore (The Old Davis Kidd)

When: Thursday February 1, 2018

Time: 6 pm

Address: 387 Perkins Extd Memphis TN 38117

Much of the inspiration for the book comes from my father who was a College dean and communications professor. In an early life dad had been an actor and directed plays. He used to say that actors had it made: They were never out of work or unemployed, “They were between engagements”. Translated, it sounded good. When I retired I decided that it sounded better to say I was writing a book versus the truth that I was retired and played a lot of golf.

A buddy of mine, the renowned chef Lucien Vendome asked me years ago if I ever thought about writing a book about supper clubs. He said lots of people write cookbooks, but what you and Susan do with supper clubs is pretty unique and you are pretty good at it. That led to the writing effort which I had assumed would fall into the category of self published pieces that I would be lucky to get my 95 year old mother to read. Then I worked with an editor Amanda Iles who was impressed with the book ( a lot of the quality goes to her efforts) and that I should try to get it published. That led eventually to David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing getting interested and the rest as they say is history.

The irony is that my dad who could really write never really got published. (Watch out Sigmund Freud.) His major efforts were as a speechwriter for friends who were politicians. He did a lot of writing for his childhood friend John Marchi who was state senator in New York for 50 years and had ran unsuccessfully for mayor of New York City twice. Most notably losing to John V. Lindsay a debonair politician with a patrician manner in 1969. Another irony was that Marchi was a conservative Republican and my dad was a liberal Democrat, but I digress. A few years ago in Marchi’s obituary the New York Times slammed and complemented my dad in one sentence by saying: “The senator, who often came across as thoughtful but not an artful phrasemaker, (A slam to his speechwriter)  surprised supporters, remarking that Mr. Lindsay harbored “delusions of adequacy.” (Definitely  dad’s line)

I can remember my dad and Marchi laughing over the phone discussing Lindsay who was a liberal, handsome, bon vivant “Yaley” versus Marchi’s image as the practical, hardworking, New York City conservative. The truth is that whenever dad and John got together, there was laughter involved.

Getting back to Impromptu Friday Nights – A Guide to Supper Clubs. My real goal for this book is to provide millennials and any other demographic with a roadmap to have fun with supper clubs. Hopefully, it will also generate a chuckle of two.

If you enjoy this blog and similar other stories/supper club lessons subscribe to get future blogs at and be on the look out for my book. Morgan James Publishing has the hard copy coming out January 30, 2018.


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