Finding the Right People

Getting people who mesh well together is always a challenge. One benefit of supper clubs is coming across all kinds of people. The good news is that you get to meet people. The bad news is that the chances of them being a great fit are pretty slim. One of the beauties of my supper club experience is that my wife and I have used the more formal supper club, where there are a lot of people, to find the smaller group that we really wanted to be friends with. In the end, dealing with a few jerks can be worth it if you get to know some very interesting people.


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Dealing with Costs

There are several ways to deal with costs. The methods differ based on the type of  club, how formal it is, and how much control the host wants. A simple way to split out the costs is to follow the formula used in “The Classic Club” example it the book.


Costs for making the dishes are tracked by each couple. At the end of the evening, all costs for food and wine will be totaled then divided equally among the four couples, with each couple paying one-fourth of the total meal cost.


Cost Example


  Costs   Avg. Cost   Net
Couple 1 (Hosts) $175.00   -$67.00   $108.00
Couple 2 $35.00   -$67.00   -$32.00
Couple 3 $15.00   -$67.00   -$52.00
Couple 4 $43.00   -$67.00   -$24.00
  $268.00   -$268.00   $0.00
Average Cost $67.00        



It is amazing how costs are virtually never an issue. With a little planning and discretion, supper clubs are economical even for the more cost conscious. You can have a good meal and social event for less than $70 per couple. The cost driver is usually the alcohol. The rule we have followed is to target “reasonably” priced wines. Although participants have defined “reasonable” differently, on average we have probably been in the $20-a-bottle range, though there have been notable exceptions for costs and quantities. I can tell you that our young kids did once question the number of wine bottles in the recycling bin after one particularly fun event.

With new people coming in and out of the club, there have been a few surprises. One new club member built in the cost of a pot she bought for the event into her total contribution. I can’t say that couple is still part of the club. The rule we have lived by is that if we incur a cost because we want to try something different or more expensive than the norm, we simply absorb that cost. With this said, some hosts are more popular than others.