Failure is Not An Option (Part Two)

Failure is not an option for your supper club. Or at least it shouldn’t be. In talking with people about supper clubs I often hear that: “We used to have a great supper club, but… “. Following is a list of the second five reasons (yesterday’s blog outlined another 5) a supper club fails and some fixes to avoid them:

Fixes to Supper Club failures

Too expensive

This shouldn’t be an issue. Supper clubs are an economical way to socialize over a meal. If cost is an issue you can write menus with inexpensive ingredients. A pasta menu could be very affordable. Alcohol can be a real cost driver. To manage costs you can make it a BYOB party. Problem solved!

Recipes too hard

I get this complaint from my wife all the time. Her point is that what is easy for me is not easy for everyone. She is right, again. The solution is to write easier menus. You can insert packaged solutions. I make a béarnaise blush sauce that uses Knorr sauce mix and whisk in tomato paste. It cannot be easier and people think you are a culinary genius. The solution is to listen to Susan.


Food isn’t healthy

Yes the calorie count in most supper club meals is high. My theory is that we all try to eat healthy during the week, but it is fun to splurge a little at a dinner party. Check out the blog I wrote on Healthy Menus:

Different standards

We ran into this challenge in our neighborhood club. We have over 30 members so you get a lot of opinions. There is the old line: “Opinions are like assholes, we all have one”. Some people like simple. Some people like gourmet. We had one guy who was studying for his sommelier certification and considered himself a real gourmand. Our club wasn’t a good fit for him. In general we have a mix of simple and more challenging menus. If you think a menu is too hard you can opt out. My buddy Joe figured out a solution to this one…Invite Paul and he will do the cooking. Check out the blog on this solution: 


If you don’t drink supper clubs and socialization in general can be a challenge. It shouldn’t be. We all have good friends that don’t drink. We have to find solutions where they are comfortable. One simple solution is to exclude the cost of alcohol for a dinner party

In the end there is the famous Will Rogers quote: “There is one guaranteed formula for failure, and that is to try to please everyone”. Sometimes you have to cut the cord on certain individuals to save the club.

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