I Don’t Cook But I Know Where to Buy – Memphis

In Yesterday’s blog I outlined the concept of having a supper club where you can socialize over a meal without cooking. It is really simple, you can buy everything you need for a great dinner party from restaurant takeout and/or markets.

I used the example of my daughter’s mother in law Helene who lives in Montauk. She doesn’t cook and puts on great dinner parties sourcing from local markets and restaurants. Skeptics have told me that it is easy in Montauk because it is the “Hamptons” where the rich and famous live. Of course you can get great stuff but you might have to fight off celebrities. Truth is while you might see Jerry Seinfeld, Ralph Lauren or Jimmy Fallon, but you are more likely to see ordinary Tom, Dick and Sally’s trying to find a place to eat.

I have a buddy Preston that has a lake house in Iuka Mississippi and he has the same culinary challenge there as Helene has in Montauk. There are plenty of restaurant options around the lake, but good luck getting in with a group during peak dinner hours in the summer. Take out is easy. Getting reservations for a large group on short notice is impossible.


I am writing this in Memphis so I have to start with BBQ. On my very first visit to Memphis in 1990 we went to the famous Corky’s for ribs. I ordered the rib platter and the waitress asked: “Do you like your ribs wet or dry?” I was clueless and mumbled: “excuse me?” She responded: “Y’all are a Yankee, you will like your ribs wet”. She was right.

In Memphis you can get your ribs “wet” (with sauce) or “dry” (with a dry seasoning rub). Either way they are great. After 27 years of living in Memphis I can tell you that most Memphians like their ribs dry and ALL Yankees like them Wet.

Following is an outline of an: “I Don’t Cook But I Know Where To Buy – Memphis Menu”. It identifies the menu items and where to get them. All the host has to do is delegate who gets what and you are on your way.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to be a great cook to throw a great supper club party. All you need to know is where to buy and that Yankees like their ribs wet.

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