IFN Book Tour – Napa Valley

Fans of Impromptu Friday Nights – Guide to Supper Clubs will be glad to know that our first book tour is underway. Thanks to my daughter Jennifer and her husband Ethan the book has had a broad showing this week in the Napa Valley.

It probably makes sense that Jenn provide the book tour debut in Napa because she is a California native and had many a tour of the Napa Valley (with and without a window seat) before she was a year old. We moved to California in 1983 and had more visitors in the 22 months we lived in the Bay Area than we have had in 27 years in Memphis. Just about every visitor we had while in California made it to the wine country.

So hang on here is a photo recap of the first Book Tour and don’t miss the  special IFN Dancing Crazy Lady Video at the end.



Impromptu Friday Nights (IFN) provides a roadmap (No Mise En Place Needed)

IFN Going through San Francisco

IFN Arrives in Napa

IFN At Auberge Du Soleil with a glass.

IFN At Auberge Du Soleil With a Bottle

IFN At Auberge Du Soleil after a glass and a bottle


IFN At IFN At Taylor Family Vineyards

IFN with KMA Transport

IFN Dancing Crazy Lady Promotion

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