Mise En Place

A Disaster beyond your imagination will occur”

The line from Phantom of the Opera has always been a motivator to be prepared for a supper club dinner party. The key is Mise En Place. This is the French expression that loosely translates into “put into place”. In a word it means preparation!

Have you ever wondered how a restaurant can turn out so many fabulous meals in a very short time frame? The answer is Mise En Place. It is a key concept that is taught in every culinary school. By doing a large percentage of the prep in advance restaurants can turn out great meals in short order. Mise en place is also the key to a successful dinner party and a way to be prepared for any disaster that could occur.

A great example of how Mis En Place works can be demonstrated in preparing to make Seared Baja Beef Tenderloin With Spring Greens and a Parmesan Horseradish Sauce;

Check out the recipe: 

It sounds difficult but if you get your mise en place done, or said a different way, do your preparation in advance, it becomes simple.

The Mise En place consists of:

  • Make the Baja rub (Can be done weeks in advance) and set out in a bowl
  • Prepare the Parmesan Horseradish Sauce (days in advance)
  • Cut and slack out the beef to room temp (an hour in advance)
  • Prep the spring greens (set aside covered with a wet paper towel)

Final cooking/assembly

  • Heat a sauté pan over high heat
  • Add oil
  • Dredge beef in Baja rub
  • Sear beef in hot pan (2 minutes a side)
  • Plate beef with greens and sauce
  • Serve

Prep time is 18 minutes and cook/assembly time is 5 minutes. It doesn’t get much easier and people will think you are a culinary genius. Have your mise en place done and you will be ready for anything so you can just have fun.

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