When the hostess comes out in a negligee

When is it time to leave? This is one dinner party question that hangs out there. Following are some leading indicators

Dessert has been served

The end of a meal is usually a pretty good indicator. While I am not generally a dessert person, I do believe that if you are writing a menu that you need to have a dessert option. Following is my recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream with Berries and a Grand Marnier Sauce

Check out the recipe 

There is no more wine

Conversation tends to dry up when the wine is gone. We did have one lively party where the host ran out of the wine he had bought for the dinner party and asked if I thought he should open a bottle from other wines he had. Silly question asked of the wrong person.

The host or hostess goes to bed

If either the host or hostess disappears it is probably a good time to leave.

The hostess comes out in a negligee

This has happened and while all were still having a really good time, it wasn’t that type of party

Someone starts washing the dishes

My parents loved to entertain and my father had a rule that you didn’t start cleaning up until guests had left. This led to some late nights, for my poor mother.

It is time to join another party

In our neighborhood supper club where there can be 5 dinner parties going on at once, we have on occasion had everyone head to one home for dessert and an after party. As you might guess the larger numbers have led to larger times.

Someone goes on a political, religious or homophobic rant

There is the old rule that you don’t discuss religion or politics at a dinner party. Some times old rules are good rules…

While there are no set supper club rules for this question, you probably will just know.

If anyone has other good indicators they would like to share, please list them in the comments below

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  1. Okay time to go home everybody my husband is falling asleep. This is most effective if his head is already nodding.

    • I am glad someone is reading these silly blogs. Weird thing I am really big in Spain and Italy. Go figure?

  2. Just have your dining room lights on a timer. When the lights go out, it’s time for the guests to leave. Happened at my house though not intentionally.

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