You Need An Exit Strategy

I don’t care how good a dinner party is, it is always good to have a plan in place to leave gracefully.

The all time leader in this category is my buddy Phil Rose. His classic line is:

Peggy is getting cranky

Of course Peggy is his wife who never gets cranky. Phil inspired a comfort food menu of mine that is probably leader in the clubhouse for complements. The menu centers on an upscale meatloaf that is really good:

Check out the recipe 

Another really popular exit strategy centers around the line:

We have to go ransom the kids from the babysitter

There are several variations to this one such as: “Gotta go, the kids are with the in-laws”. As the kids get older the line becomes: “We have to leave the kids are Home Alone.”

There are also some bad strategies.

My line of: “We have to go, I have an early tee time in the morning” has gotten me in a lot of trouble. We did have one supper clubber that left with the pronouncement of: “We are leaving, my wife is getting drunk”. My guess is that this faux pas was instrumental to the divorce that followed a few years later.

A little planning is a good idea for any social event. With supper clubs the expression “Too much of a good things” occasionally comes into play and it great to have an exit strategy

If you know of other great exit lines, please leave them in the comments below and I will follow up with a future blog.

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