Would You Like A Beer Or A Glass Of Wine?

This is a major supper club question. Socializing over a meal at a supper club dinner party usually involves beer and wine. Historically supper clubs have been more wine centric, but with explosion of craft beers that can change. Picking the right craft beer is a lot easier for millennials.

In my neighborhood in Germantown we have been blessed with a great beer guy.
My buddy Tom Schoelkopf has worked for Anheuser Bush and other beer companies. He has always been a great guy to bring a selection of beer. Beer has really changed over the last 30 years. I grew up in the Lite era. Today the variety of flavor you can get form the myriad of craft beers is great. Tom has been the lead guy to educate us. He also likes my grilled pizza.

Check out the recipes:

Another beer story comes to mind. I used to run a company in the Philippines. Once I was at a cocktail party at the U.S. Embassy in Manila and got in a conversation with an Embassy staffer. He said he rated the countries he had worked in by the quality and quantity of the beer in the country. He said Pakistan was the pits. Past the Muslim aversion to alcohol, beer was really expensive. In the Philippine beer is pretty good and really cheap.

The kicker to that story came ten years later. I was walking through the Department Agriculture offices in Washington DC and recognized that former staffer walking down the hall. I couldn’t help myself. Unannounced I walked up to him and said: You are the guy that rates countries based on the quality and quantity of beer. The guy knew he was “the guy” but didn’t have clue who I was. I probably scared the political daylights out of him.

For me, a beer or two at the start of a dinner party is great. With my meal I prefer wine. The beauty of supper clubs is the group gets to decide and should have lots of fun in the decision making process.

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